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Flavio Medeiros

Flavio Medeiros


Flavio is the owner of 6th Avenue Marketing and an Entrepreneur at heart.  He will work closely with you to find out what your needs are before beginning any project, then deliver the exact product you are looking for.  Flavio has owned and operated a successful Wedding DJ company for over a decade, so naturally mobile DJ sites are one of his specialties, but can serve many industries.  To find out more, contact him today!

  • We listen to your needs 100%
  • We customize to your needs 100%
  • Deliver a product that you need and want 100%
  • Customer Happiness 100%

My website was stuck in the 90’s, I knew I needed a fresh design and start on my website and Flavio delivered a great, responsive, and highly functional site for my DJ business.  I am now booking more events because of it!

Michael C.

Mobile DJ

I manage an insurance agency that gets a lot of web visitors, but they don’t always take action, thanks to 6th Avenue and Flavio, we now have a website that is designed beautifully and is also designed to create a very visible “call to action”.  All of us here love the site, Thank you, Thank you!

Michelle A.

Insurance Agency

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