Website Design for Authors

"Responsive Website"

Let us create a custom Author Platform website for you that will be responsive on all mobile devices, computers, and tablets!  Quality images, help with Search Engine Optimization, maintenance and social media plans also available!

"Key Elements"

Every Author Platform should include some basics to ensure that potential readers have an easy time finding out if you are their ideal author, and they can connect with your work.  The right lead magnet for an author is essential, along with having sales funnels and email responder service that will convert more and more book sales.

"Target Audience"

We will work with you to find out who your target readers are, so that your website can be customized for your specific target.  A website that doesn’t match your target readers doesn’t do anything for you and more importantly, Google.  Utilizing WordPress, your Author Platform website will be ready out of the box to begin blogging.  This will help major search engines like Google, find you!


Tell us about your overall strategy and functionality of your website and business and let us create a strategy that is designed to create more book/e-book sales!  The website will immediately convey your brand and style of books to potential readers.

Self Published Authors need a Professional Appearance

In the past, you get published traditionally and then the publisher takes care of all the PR, marketing, and advertising for the author.  In today’s world of Self-Publishing, guess who is the publisher?  YOU ARE!  This means being set up as a “business”, and not a hobby.  Professional logo and branding, responsive website that can be seen on any device, and is professional, and a sound social media strategy.  If you are currently using a blogger platform or any website builder, you need a .com!  Ask us how we can help!

Showcase all your books and upcoming books while creating a reader's community!

Can anyone see you?

We design websites for self-published or traditionally published authors.  We utilize WordPress to do this, making it easy for you to retain control of updating your website if desired.

As discussed, building your Author Platform is important.  Grow your readership. Launch your first book or ebook, perhaps you are continuing a series, or writing that great non-fiction book designed to help many.

We are an online marketing, web design company, dedicated to helping a few select niches, author websites is one of our niches.  We have great rates at this time, since we are a newer company and are building our portfolio.

I think we know the answer to this.  If you are in the Self-Publishing world, you understand that a professional book cover for your ebook or book is crucial.  As an example, Amazon has become a great place to sell books, but it is very crowded there, the best book covers, help books stand out.

In the online space, a website works the same way as a book cover.  You see, you don’t have a brick and mortar location that gives off a great first impression about you and your books, right?  The first impression is indeed your online presence, your website, or author platform.

Your author website should be where you can put all your marketing ideas, giveaways, promotions, all in one place.

Let’s build a beautiful online storefront for you!

Let's get started today!

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