Content Marketing (Blogging)

I know, I know, blogging is only for people who begin a blog about their kids and then stop using it 2 weeks later, right?  What if I told you that blogging might be one of the most important elements in website ranking with Google?  You see, the more pages there are out there on your website with relevant content, the more chances there is for Google or potential customers to find you.  We can help you with plans to include blogging for you, or all of our blogs come standard with a blog attached so that you can blog on your own!


  • Blog Content
  • New Webpages

Local Linking

Local linking is very important for Google and potential customers.  It lets everyone know exactly where you are, social proof that your service is good, and search engine results.  As an additional service, we can submit your information and website to many local websites.  As an example, Yelp is very important since most people read their reviews and view their listings for credibility.


  • Local Directories
  • Review Sites

Social Media Integration

Social media is very important in today’s business world.  Social proof, search engine, and specials are just a few of the reasons that make it important.  A Facebook fan page is very crucial to have set up and with some content.  Facebook has the most users out of all social media channels, many people instantly look up a business on Facebook, if you aren’t there, well, you must not exist!  We can help you with creating the page, along with content, to get you started, or keep you going.


  • Social Media page creation
  • Posting Original Content


Gathering reviews online is as important as Google rankings.  Once people do find you, they need to be convinced that your service is worth their money and time.  Imagine someone finding your business along with a local competitor, your business has zero reviews, while the other business has 50 positive reviews.  I think we both know which business this customer will be calling!  We can help you with personalized forms and surveys to ensure you are getting reviews after all projects and customers.


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