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Website Design for Mobile and Wedding DJ’s

%22Responsive Website%22

Let us create a custom DJ website for you that will be responsive on all mobile devices, computers, and tablets!  Quality images, help with Search Engine Optimization, maintenance and social media plans also available!

%22Key Elements%22

Every DJ site should include some basics to ensure that clients have an easy time finding out if you are available, can pay you online, sign contracts online, and search music databases to create request lists.  Wedding DJ’s need to ensure that Brides have an easy time on their site, otherwise they will find someone else!

%22Target Audience%22

We will work with you to find out who your target audience and geographical area is, so that your website can be customized for your specific target.  A website that doesn’t match your target clients doesn’t do anything for you and more importantly, Google.


Tell us about your overall strategy and functionality of your website and business and let us create a strategy that is designed to create more DJ bookings for you!

Allow visitors to check your availability right away!

We live in an age where people want an answer now!  Instantly online, via text or email.  Through third party software, such as DJ Event planner, you can integrate many tools onto your website, including the ability for someone to check your availability right away and leave their information for you.  This system proves very valuable when Wedding DJ’s are trying to book Brides.  Below is a picture of what it looks like.

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Features for your DJ site

Home Page, About page, Services, Pricing, Testimonials, Blog, Contact Us

Optional features

  • Availability functions, request list creator, online client portal, Paypal integration, social media integration

  • Logo design, website banner design, Social media management, DJ marketing help, Domain names, business names, and slogans

Check out a sample Wedding DJ website

Good examples of features being used for any mobile or wedding DJ
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Let us design your website for your mobile or wedding DJ business today!