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Social Media Management Service/Social Media Manager

Our top priority is implementing the correct social media strategy for your business, to help you accomplish your goals. As a full-time professional social media manager, our team will be working on your social media channels. We will be working closely with you and your team by communicating your strategy and results on a regular basis.

Whether you are trying to get more followers, improve Facebook posts, or interact with members of your Facebook group, 6th Ave Marketing has the experience, industry insights, and the team to help you get the most out of your Social Media Marketing efforts.

As your Social Media Manager, 6th Ave will post daily industry related content, interact and engage with your fans or group members, and provide highly targeted ads to generate more quality leads, so you can increase revenue!

Social Media Management & Posting

As your Social Media Manager, will share high-quality social media posts for your business that are already proven. These posts will be made custom to your social media channels on a daily basis and will include professional articles, high-quality images, interactive videos and great written content.

All of your posts will be relevant to your business’s industry while targeting your ideal audience.  Some Social Media channels require a volume approach for posting, while others require the right timing for posts.  Depending on your focus for your Social Media presence, 6th Ave will work with you to find the right posts.  Three types of posts will include; engaging, promotional, and educational.

Social Media Reputation Monitoring

As your Social Media Manager, we will be monitoring your social media channels on a daily basis for any positive or negative comments or complaints. If there is a negative comment or review, we will contact you immediately with recommendations on how to handle the situation to ensure it doesn’t get exposed any further.

If there is a positive review, we will respond positively and thank the user.  This normally promotes further positive activity!

Facebook Groups/Community Management

6th Ave can also go through different groups and communities on your social media channels and post in these industry relevant groups, start up conversations and engage with people on an organic level.

Maybe you already have a Facebook group, but need someone to be a community manager by increasing engagement and policing activity.  6th Ave can hep with your existing Facebook group!  Maybe you don’t have a group, as your Social Media Manager, we can help you start one and grow it quickly with engagement!

Social Media Cover Photo Design & Watermark Designs

Part of a successful showing on Social Media is certainly having good graphics, including cover photos.  6th Ave can help you have eye-catching cover photos, and water-marked images, so that all can see where any viral images came from!  Don’t settle for basic images, or images from Google that are typically not allowed for commercial use.

Maybe you have specials going on, or a marketing campaign for releases, we can help with custom images!

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